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E-Adhayayan provides free membership and facility to create an account on the site to enhance knowledge and learnings through the valuable resources, researched from the net. The purpose of this site is to provide the best education to all people having free membership with E-Adhyayan For any issue pertaining to any Content, Video, Pictures etc, used by the admin or any member of this site, please contact admin(Contact Us).

E-Adhyayan declares that no copyright material is used while providing any chargeable services like online classes. All rights of chargeable services and used material are possessed by E-Adhyayan.

Please read carefully below terms and conditions before creating free account.

Terms and conditions of use

Welcome to E-Adhyayan.com, the chancellor service for people around the India to learn English.

This agreement represents the entire contract between you and E-Adhyayan with respect to the above mentioned site(s) and, if applicable, the fee-based subscription services therein.

By visiting, becoming a member of by registering with E-Adhyayan, you will be automatically agreed with the terms and conditions of use set out below.

Acceptance of the Terms

Please review all of the Terms of use carefully before using the Site.

While accessing any information on our site or using our services, you will be considered that you agree with the terms and conditions of use for E-Adhyayan and if you do not agree with all the Terms, do not use the Site, either you are a visitor of member with us.

To become member with us first read the terms and conditions of E-Adhyayan and then you must agree with this agreement  and indicate your acceptance during the registration process then you can get membership with us as a paid online service, no product will be physically delivered.

By using the Site, you agree to be bound by the Terms and confirm that you are a citizen of India able to form legally binding contracts with us.

2. Changes to these Terms

E-Adhyayan has the right to modify this Agreement and any policies affecting to the site. If after changes and modifications you are find to use the site as earlier , it is obvious that you are agree with the modified contents. And if in any case, we find your dissatisfaction with changes or modifications your registration will be cancelled after contacting and confirming with you. E-Adhyayan can modify or break the services any time or can also block or stop the site.

Provision of the Services

In providing the services to you we are not actively watch all the activities (display, transmission and exchange) by you which are accessible by means of various services and for that there is no obligation required to do so.

We only maintain required activities log which are required by laws of jurisdiction or we have mentioned elsewhere in our legal documents.

Besides this we reserves the right subjected by our privacy and security policy to watch the activities in order to ensure that our services are being used in accordance with applicable laws and terms of E-Adhyayan.

In addition to this we are always allowed to make any change (review or remove) any material from the site which is unacceptable by us solely or the material is in violation of laws and terms of use.

Also from time to time, depending upon need we will expand, stop or improve our site and services without any prior intimation to you.

We may also discontinue operating part of or all the services or some of their part or portion of the site any time. Any modification or blocking of services will be done solely by our judgment and for that there is no obligation or liability to you and your use of the site and services do not give you right to continue use the sites and services with modified contents.

4. Your Rights

E-Adhyayan offers you a non-transferable, non-exclusive, limited right to access to use and display the content of this Site ensuring that you comply with this Agreement and the Terms as set out in full.

The materials of this Site are provided to you only for your private, non-commercial use. Certain services of this Site are available only to registered (paid) members of E-Adhyayan.

By selecting to purchase a subscription or register for a trial of E-Adhyayan, you need to be agreeing with the terms and conditions set out below in separate section of E-Adhyayan billing policy.

5. Use of the Service

Your right to access and use E-Adhyayan and the Service is personal to you and is not transferable by you to any other person or entity. You only have the right to access and use E-Adhyayan for true purposes.

You are responsible for maintaining the secrecy of your E-Adhyayan account (username and password).

You agree to notify E-Adhyayan if you find any unauthorized access of your E-Adhyayan Account.

You will need to be updating your account privacy information time to time, in order to experience effective functionality of services, if you do not do so, services and their functionality may get affected.

Solely by our judgment, we may terminate your Account, or modify, reclaim or remove any username associated with your Account, for any reason (including for reasons related to unlawful or unauthorized usage) and we are under no obligation to retain a record of your Account or any data or information that you may have stored by means of the Account and/or the Services.

Your access and use of E-Adhyayan may be interrupted from time to time for any of the following reasons, including, without limitation, the failure or improper functioning of equipment, periodic updating, maintenance or repair of E-Adhyayan.com or other actions that E-Adhyayan, by its sole judgment may select to take. E-Adhyayan is not responsible for any loss resulting from your using any of E-Adhyayan services, software, materials, audio or video files, content, or communications.

6. Intellectual Property Rights

All contents (text, image, audio file, video file etc.) belongs to E-Adhyayan.com, are solely the property of E-Adhyayan and are protected under International copyright and other Intellectual property rights hence you are not allowed to copy, change, distribute or misuse of that.

7. Access and Interference

You are allowed to run or open/access E-Adhyayan.com on safe environment only.

Abide by the “Terms of Use” you agree that you would not-





Any Software/intelligent program/tool/algorithm/destructive method attempt to copy or modify the contents of the site,


Won’t serve any virus, worms or agents that can cause harm to available data.

Also, won’t try to decode, disassemble or reverse engineer any of the software comprising or in any way making up a part of E-Adhyayan or the Service.

8. Privacy and Security Policy

Any information other than user generated information, you find on E-Adhyayan.com is subjected to privacy and security policy of E-Adhyayan.

As we don’t have any unwanted or harmful contents on our site, we would like to entertain people of any age group, any nationality.*

For any other query related to privacy and security policy of E-Adhyayan, please refer privacy and security policy.

9. Community forums, chats, message boards, pen pals, and email conduct

E-Adhyayan contends to create a global and healthy environment for English learners.

As we are providing users with the facility of posting messages, using chat rooms and can find many things on the site like daily news from the world around you, daily English vocabulary and many more which will help you in many ways. So, we don’t want you to post any contents on the site which –

Can create verbal violence among members of E-Adhyayan or even out somewhere,

Is adult or profane,

Contains Virus or other harmful programs which can affect functionality of any s/w, h/w or telecommunications,

Violate rules and laws,

Considered following fellow user of E-Adhyayan, spamming such as chain letters, junk mails or other supplication.

Found with fraudulent intentions and affecting the security of E-Adhyayan and its users.

E-Adhyayan will not be responsible for any of the posts, message or comments made by user against E-Adhyayan or text, video, audio sent to any of the user/member of E-Adhyayan.

E-Adhyayan may remove any post, any time, as information therein represents copyrighted information owned and maintained exclusively by E-Adhyayan.

Using E-Adhyayan for any purpose other than language learning correspondence between E-Adhyayan members is strictly prohibited.

10. Fees, payments and billing issues

You will be required to register with us by paying a small registration amount offline and against your paid amount to us, you will be provided with a receipt, there is no need to carry headache of credit cards or other online payment methods which seems risky as well. After your registration with us, you will be provided with a unique login-id and password which you will need to keep safe and secure till the completion of course.

If, any problem facing regarding login-id and password, you will be required to contact our customer support executive.

Besides this registration money, monthly or quarterly packages are there to avail online classes to learn English from your home.

Information required to provide you a unique login-id and password will be subjected to these “Terms and conditions of use” and “Privacy and security Policy” of our’ and should be true to the best of your knowledge.

One will not be allowed to his/her account information with others and will not be allowed to purchase an account on behalf of 3rd person without our permission.

Important: Registration money will be strictly non-refundable.

11. Free trial

Trial class will be available only after registration and this registration money will not be returned in any case as mentioned above even if you won’t like the trail session or would not like to continue with us.

Also, trail classes will be provided in group not individually.

13. Indemnification

Abide by these terms and conditions of use, you agree to be liable for any harm or damage causes to E-Adhyayan site, services, software.

14. Miscellaneous

If any portion of this agreement finds to be unlawful under any laws of jurisdiction then in that case whole agreement will not be considered unlawful, void or unenforceable, only that part/portion of the agreement will be ignored, modified or removed from this agreement.


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